Chinese Language and Culture Fund


Chinese Language and Culture Fund (CLCF) was first proposed by Mr Wee Cho Yaw, then President of Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations during a congratulatory dinner held to celebrate Mr Lee Hsien Loong becoming our Prime Minister.  

During the dinner, Mr Wee announced that, Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations and Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry would be setting up a Chinese Language & Culture Fund to complement the change in policies for teaching Chinese language in order to promote the development of Chinese Language and Culture. The two organisations would set a fund-raising target of ten million dollars, with the government supporting the fund with a dollar to dollar matching grant.

To date, the CLCF has raised a total of 14 million dollars which includes a 7-million grant from the government.

On 1st March 2006, CLCF announced a set of rules and regulations governing the use of its funds, and all Singapore registered societies, companies, cultural and educational organisations were invited to submit their requests for financial support. All applications must be in alignment with the nation's educational and cultural policies to raise the standards of Chinese language and promote Chinese culture. Furthermore, activities must have creative elements and should benefit a significant group of people.  

Currently, there are two committees set up to facilitate the funding process. The Management Committee is responsible for auditing and approving the applications while the Selection Committee assists the Management Committee by handling applications and recommend selected programmes.

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