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History of Clan Associations in Singapore
Published in English and Chinese, this publication is separated into volume 1 and 2, which documents 203 locality and kinship clan associations, including the clan associations’ history, publications and activities, clansmen international conventions, clan-sponsored schools, cemeteries and temples. Readers can expect to gain a deeper insight of their own clans and also deepen their understanding of the Singapore Chinese Community.

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Who’s Who In The Chinese Community of Singapore
This book records 1175 outstanding figures of the Singapore Chinese community, spanning from 1819 to 1990.

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History of the Chinese Clan Associations in Singapore
This book collects more than 300 historical pictorials, reflecting the society of the past, and presenting a systematic introduction of the development history of the clan associations.

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This book consists of the general history of the Singapore Chinese, and systematically introduces the formation, development and changes of the Chinese community since the early days of Singapore till independence.

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This book documents many interesting pictures of the Singapore Chinese cultural and social activities, reflecting Singapore’s society and culture in the past, most of which have ceased to exist.

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This book is written in English and Chinese, explaining the significance and methods of celebration for the eight main Chinese festivals. It also includes the practices for the 4 important milestones in life which is birth, birthday (寿), marriage and death.

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The first book of the Chinese Cultural Series published by the Federation's Academic Department introduces the Federation in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

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The second book of the Chinese Cultural Series published by the Federation’s Academic Department introduces stories including the less-known part of history, Fort Canning Park, St. John’s Island, Elgin Bridge, the Rickshaw and the Chinese buses.

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The third book of the Chinese Cultural Series published by the Federation’s Academic Department depicts the relationship between the temples and Chinese culture and introduces six old temples of origin and uniqueness including Thian Hock Keng, Yueh Hai Ching Temple, Hong San See Temple, Jade Emperor Temple, Po Chiak Keng and Shuang Lin Monastery.

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