Duan Wu Carnival 2019


Duan Wu Carnival 2019


With the approach of the Duan Wu Festival, Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Association (SFCCA), together with Singapore Chinese Cultural Clan (SCCC) and Toa Payoh Central Community Club, organized "Duan Wu Carnival 2019" which was held on 1st June 2019 at Amphitheatre in front of Toa Payoh Community Library. Mrs Josephine Teo, Minister for Manpower and Second Minister for Home Affairs, was also invited to celebrate the Duan Wu festival with the rest of the community.


To honour the affection towards our nation and ethnic heritage while celebrating the duanwu jie, the Duan Wu Carnival was held annually over the past 9 years. The event incorporates unique local characteristics through traditional cuisines, cultural performances and games, attracting people from all works of life. President of SFCC, Mr Tan Aik Hock said that, "In the context of modern society, if traditional festivals are to be passed down and developed, they must be innovative and keep pace with time". Hence, since 2011, the organisers have introduced the celebration of duanwu jie to the community, incorporating local characteristics in the form of a new carnival, hoping to unite the community and enhance mutual understanding among the communities. 


President Tan also mentioned that SFCCA would carry out a series of activities following the theme "Warming, Inheriting, Innovating" in celebration of the 35th anniversary in 2020, promoting Singapore's ethnic heritage in an innovative way.


President Tan Aik Hock announcing that SFCCA would be carrying out a series of activities following the theme "Warming, Inheriting, Innovative".


An important festival of local ethnic Chinese attracted people from different ethnic groups to attend.


As for the carnival this year, various new items were introduced which attracted the participation of various ethnicities. Tying in with the commemoration of Singapore's bicentenary, a specially commissioned performance with close to 100 performers of different ethnicities was featured where the crowd was invited to participate alongside them in an energetic drum performance that totals 200 people, exemplifying the unity of the different ethnic groups within Singapore.


Drum performance featuring performers from different ethnic groups and the crowd.


A condensed version of the "New World, New Life" exhibition was also brought to the carnival grounds, offering visitors a glimpse of the life of our pioneers as they settle down and start their new lives in Nanyang, which would give them a better understanding of Singapore's history.



Mrs Josephine Teo (Second from the left), with the accompany of Mr Chua Thian Poh, Honorary President of SFCCA and Chairman of SCCC (First from the left) and Mr Tan Aik Hock, President of SFCCA, visited the condensed version of "New World, New Life" exhibition.  Lin Mei Mei (Second from the right) was the guide for the exhibition.


The highlight of the carnival was the land dragon boat competition, attracting enthusiastic participation from the crowd where 20 teams consisting of members from SFCCA and other organisations competed for the title. After much anticipation and excitement, representatives from Lecharity-Singapore emerged as the champion, with Eng Choon Huay Kuan Singapore claiming second and Singapore Lee Clan General Association claiming third.   


Participants running towards the end point with all their might.



Lecharity-Singapore claiming the first prize of the land dragon boat competition as the participants took over the trophy from Mr Li Shu Bin (First row first on the right), Chairman of Toa Payoh Central Community Club Management Committee.



After claiming the second prize, members of Eng Choon Huay Kuan Singapore gather together on the stage to celebrate their winning.



The third prize of the land dragon boat competition was presented to Singapore Lee Clan General Association.  


Due to the popular demand of the land dragon boat competition, the organisers have also decided to host a competition for the young ones this year, hoping that they can learn more about teamwork and tradition through this fun competition.



Mrs Josephine Teo starting the land dragon boat competition for youths.


The organisers also incorporated technology elements into the carnival such as duanwu jie online games, real-time photo sharing, bringing across a variety of fun and engaging games for the crowd and allowed youngsters to learn more about ethnic heritage. Other featured items include sales of traditional food and on-the-spot art competition which had successfully caught the attention of the participants as well.

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