Seminar on New Immigrants and Singapore Society (Part 4): The Property Market


With a steady increase in Singapore's population and the growth of the property market, banks in succession are succumbing to the strong market competition and introducing low interest rates to attract buyers. Sale prices of private properties, Housing Development Board flats, pre-sale flats and resale flats alike, are constantly breaking record highs. Under such strong market conditions, potential buyers’ demand for updated information related to property purchases and financial options are on the rise. It is even more important for new immigrants to attain an understanding of Singapore's property market system.

The Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations (SFCCA) has invited experts to give a Seminar on July 28 (Saturday), 2.30pm, which will feature information relevant to Singapore's property market system and procedures.

The Seminar will explore buying and selling procedures of the property market in detail, and cover a broad range of topics such as: how to estimate one’s ability in a buying property based on one’s financial ability; factors influencing the choice of property investment; buying procedures; Central Provident Fund regulations governing property sales and purchases; how to choose the appropriate housing loan plan; how to reduce housing loan rates etc.

Interested Singapore citizens and immigrants are encouraged to attend. There will be tea-break reception and goodie bags at the end of the Seminar. This Seminar is proudly sponsored by Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation.

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