The Research and Publications Committee is in charge of all works published under SFCCA. To date, the Federation has published more than 10 books and magazines, which include: A History of Chinese Clan Associations in Singapore, Chinese Customs and Festivals in Singapore, Singapore Chinese Huiguan Publication – a Bibliography, Chinese Heritage, Lee Kuan Yew on the Chinese Community in Singapore, The Chinese in Singapore: Past and Present and Who's Who in the Chinese Community in Singapore. It has also produced a video on the history of Singapore clan associations entitled, "A Reflection of Our Past".

The Federation also publishes a bi-monthly magazine, "Yuan" as well as commemorative editorials such as SFCCA: 20 Years of History, SFCCA: 25 Years of History, Lee Kuan Yew and the Chinese Community, Goh Chok Tong and the Chinese Community.

For enquiries/ purchases, please contact SFCCA at 65-63544078 (phone), 65-63544095 (fax).

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