Research Committee

Research Committee highly values the significance of researching and reorganising historical materials of Chinese immigrants and Chinese Clan Associations. Besides reaching out to local and overseas academic institutions to preserve "Chinese historical materials" and promote "popularisation of historical knowledge", the committee also gives advice and suggestions for SFCCA's publications and related events. 

Since the committee was first set up in 1986, Research and Publications Committee (it was named as Research Committee) has researched and compiled a series of publications, including History of the Chinese Clan Associations in Singapore (March 1986), Who's Who In The Chinese Community of Singapore (November 1995), A Reflection Of Our Past (video filmed in June 1987).

More iconic events include Hokkien Heritage Symposium (April 2011) and Money by Mail to China (September 2012). 

Research Committee will continue to roll out series of events on Singapore Chinese History. 

Latest News

The guest speakers spoke on the development of the different aspects of local Chinese community.
The English edition was launched by Minister Desmond Lee on 24 June 2019.

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