Community Integration Fund


About the Community Integration Fund (CIF) 
The Community Integration Fund (CIF) was launched by the National Integration Council (NIC) in September 2009 to support organisations in implementing ground-up integration initiatives.

What does the CIF support?
Projects should satisfy at least one of the following objectives to be considered for CIF funding:

  • Provide information and resources on Singapore
  • Encourage social interaction between locals, immigrants and foreigners
  • Encourage emotional attachment to and involvement in Singapore
  • Promote a positive mindset towards integration

Who can apply?
Funding applications are open to:

  • Singapore Registered Organisations
  • Companies registered with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA)
  • Trade unions registered with the Registry of Trade Unions (RTU)

Individuals should apply through a registered organisation, company or trade union if they wish to apply for the CIF.

What type of projects can be funded?
The CIF supports a wide variety of projects:

  • Festivals and celebrations
  • Interest-based activities (sports, volunteerism, arts & culture)
  • Learning journeys 
  • Forums, workshops or conferences 
  • Videos and publications 

These examples are not exhaustive. We encourage applicants to come up with new ideas and consider innovative ways to promote integration. As a guide, we support projects where integration of locals and foreigners is a major objective. Projects such as annual dinner and dances or corporate family days where integration outcomes are marginal, are less likely to receive funding or supported only at a low level.

Funding Amount
The amount of funding granted depends on how well each project is assessed to meet the CIF's objectives. The CIF can provide co-funding of up to 80% of the total qualifying costs or the net qualifying costs of approved projects, whichever is lower. The maximum funding for a project is up to S$200,000. For more information and downloadable forms, please visit

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